We create vibrant retail spaces that embrace and inspire communities.

Our retail team at Save the Children have a collective vision, we’ve started disrupting the sector to deliver an innovative and sustainable future for our shop network.

In celebration of the diversity of our retail communities and all the people who work and volunteer in them, we have built a family of propositions to represent Save the Children in the most inspirational way across the UK and Online.

We provide a retail offer and channel to our supporters and mass audiences to raise income, provide a local brand experience and engage supporters in specific products/campaigns, through our retail chain and online.

We’re different from other charity retail in the way we work. While the ‘what’ across our operations are like many others in the sector, the HOW we do it is entirely different.

Our shop teams are empowered to make the right decisions around their business & proposition, while knowing when to follow guidance and best practice. By working in this way, our shop management and volunteers play a key role in supporting us to drive new approaches, rather that stagnating in what we’ve always done.

We celebrate diversity, and drive inclusivity, and this is abundantly obvious through our shops from offer and product, to design and physicality, to our people and culture.

We are sure that collectively, we can build an even greater love for our brand, with the most exciting retail experiences at the heart of all our communities.

We will be expanding our team over the next couple of years, recruiting more shop managers and building on our approach to deliver inspiring retail spaces across the UK.

If you’re excited by our vision and looking for a new role, you can review our current opportunities below.


Current Retail Vacancies